Artist Autobiography


 I consider myself a self taught artist. However, over the years of my career I have invested in expanding my professional education in the business. I've sat on the front row of many certifying classes to advance my knowledge, talents, and services. I still regularly attend classes and artist events to keep myself fresh on the latest industry techniques and tools.

 Having a passion for keeping glamorous makeup clean and clean makeup fresh. I've worked diligently to develop my signature style of "Clean Glamour". From the beautiful brides I've sent down the aisle to my fresh features on international publication covers, I've worked with a rainbow of complexions. When it comes to bridal beauty, I take pride in creating a signature look that will last the entire day and read flawlessly in photos and in video. My "Clean Glamour" signature style has allowed me to have clients that include Maybelline NewYork, Cosmopolitan magazine, Cirque du Soleil Cavalia Odessyo, and the stars of A&E's hit show Duck Dynasty.

Educating aspiring makeup artist and informing makeup lovers of pro tips happens to be my guilty pleasure. Shopping for makeup is my other. Artist education sits very close to my heart so much that I have developed my own set of classes/lessons to assist aspiring makeup artist with owning their talents and pursuing a professional career. When I'm not teaching makeup or in the studio "slaying beauty", I can be found on the web via my blog and social media sites encouraging, educating, and inspiring a new generation of makeup artist.